Unable to access airport [Solved]

When I try to access the airport NZSP, I am unable due to it being to close to the South Pole. Can someone help me find another way to get to it? This would be greatly appreciated!

might have left something out just tell mah

First things first, do you have an active Infinite Flight Pro subscription? You won’t be able to fly Globally or access other airports without it.

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How are you trying to find it currently that is not working? Walk us through it please.

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Ohhh I see the issue. When it zooms in for you to select the airport it is off the screen.

Turn it into a challenge. Change your setting to always spawn at the last airport. Then challenge yourself to fly there. It seems further than it looks!


I went on to try to access the airport. It seems that you cannot do it. I’m running IF on my iPhone 8 with iOS 11

Please tell us if you have a valid Pro subscription as the airport you are looking for is not in the Free regions

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Even if he doesn’t have a PRO subscription, multiple other users have reported it being impossible to spawn at the airport.


I do have a pro substitution

He can’t access the airport because IF doesn’t let you zoom in to it to choose gate.


Yep you sure can’t just fly in from one surrounding. I’m sure this will be fixed over time.

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I believe others have in fact tried this and were able to land there just fine.

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Thanks for you help! I guess I’ll just have to fly there!

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