Unable pushback due to equipment

As shown in the picture below, I am unable to pushback due to equipment supposedly. Brakes are released, beacon is on, and all ground services were disabled off. I did notice that it doesn’t look like the jetbridge came back far enough but there’s nothing I can do about it at this particular gate. I spawned in this position which does look too far forward on the line and too close to the terminal.

Airport: KCHS
Gate: A5

Device: iPad Pro (11-inch) (3rd generation)
Operating system: iOS 15.7

Did you try to pushback before they were disconnected?

Try to re-enable some of the ground equipment and disable again. I personally disable them one by one and wait until they disable before disabling the next one.

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Looks like the pax is still there

It does look like it’s still there but I disconnected it and saw it move away. It just doesn’t move back very far

I think this worked. That jetbridge for this particular gate and aircraft combo actually goes the opposite direction towards the engine instead of towards the terminal for some reason. Anyways, I tried waiting a bit longer for the jetbridge because it was still moving but so little that it was imperceptible at certain angles

This is where it spawns in game. The starting point of this jetbridge is actually behind the door

Always wait till the ground equipment is clear then turn on beacon lights and pushback.

I do usually do that but the jetbridge moved so little towards the end, it seemed like it was stopped already

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