Unable pattern work?(SOLVED)

I am at klax and I was trying to do some patterns and the atc tells me to immediate takeoff on runway 25R unable pattern work. What should I do because I don’t have a flight plan set up to go to another airport sense I was trying to do patterns. Do I carry out my patterns and ask for a different runway or find another airport to do patterns?

Best choice is to find another airport. ATIS will usually tell you if patterns are allowed, however if this was on TS, you’ll just have to see what the controller says. ATC will usually deny patterns at airports with exceptional traffic, so don’t continue to fly patterns there.


It’s on TS I’m trying to get grade three that’s why I’m doing patterns thanks for the help. =)

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If you want to do pattern work, try flying down to San Diego, there’s very low traffic, and it’s only a short flight.