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I have been playing Infinite Flight for almost 2 1/2 years now, and Live for 2 years. I recently got on the Advanced Server and have done so many hours of TS1 (yikes!). I noticed something about the ATC on all servers that ticks me off. When they assign me a heading or altitude that won’t work for me or is impossible to do, and I say “Unable”, they say “Please follow instructions” or will even ghost me! That happened on my very first flight on the Advanced Server! Luckily that was the only time I was ever ghosted.

ATC, if you are issuing vector instructions to a pilot and they say “Unable”, you should not be ghosting them or telling them to follow instructions or even tell them to “Check the help pages on the forums”. You should be a good ATC and try to help them vector their plane correctly in a way that works for you, them, and everyone else. Also, when someone is on a final approach and they have enough distance to make a perfect landing, don’t tell them to Climb to 5000 and then follow instructions. It is getting really annoying to be called out when doing nothing wrong. If told to expect deviation from flight plan or told to turn normally, I don’t mind. But during final approaches and when there is lots of Inbound traffic ahead? That’s just annoying.

Thank you IFC for reading.

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No, if they are part of the IFATC, they won’t give you impossible instructions, there is no need to say unable, cause they know what they are doing. It’s mainly there for TS1 so the TS1 controllers get to know the airport and realise there are obstructions to the pilot. The unable is mainly for practicing controllers who one day will be ghosting you for not following instructions.


On expert server, you should follow all instructions regardless of your preferences. If say, there was a obstacle like a mountain or whatever in your way, then you would respond 'unable’
IFATC on the Expert Server know what they are doing. So follow their instructions. 😉


IFATC do there very best to vector you around terrain. A lot of regions have quite flat terrain so when a pilot says unable, then it’s good reason to issue that instruction. If you feel that they’re not listening to your unable request with good reason, it’s best to contact them via PM :)

As mentioned, IFATC know what they’re doing, so if they instruct you to do something you didn’t expect, it’s always for a good reason.


The only valid reason for you to respond ”Unable” to a vector, is if you’re getting vectored into a mountain. Otherwise, follow the instructions given by ATC. They might have a plan that you don’t see.