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I’m just curious to know if this is allowed.
On Sunday, the IFATC hub was Seoul. I decided to do a few flights. On approach, the controller assigned vectors to me, which would lead across the DMZ and would technically result in a catastrophic near-end of the world nuclear global crisis (in real word scenarios).
I, acting upon ‘Realism’, stated unable, and announced a missed approach to avoid this virtual inaccuracy.
Considering that all charts involving Seoul have a note, which is in bold, stating that aircraft may not come within 15NM (or something) of the border. I was not reported, and did land safely, but I am questioning my actions.


Following NOTAMs to avoid the DMZ is the correct procedure. You did the right thing by following your actions.


Please always follow ATC instructions unless it will endanger you or others or is impossible, we currently cannot restrict airspaces or do some things that happen in real life.


Special Use airspaces such as Military Operating Areas (MOAS), Warning Areas and Restricted Areas are identified with magenta boundaries. For the purposes of Infinite Flight these are currently not enforced or monitored, so pls follow all IFATC instructions unless it is impossible to do or would lead to a terrain, collision with other, etc


No he didn’t. In such busy airports like yesterday at RKSI, IFATC have to handle an unrealistic amount of traffic and it’s impossible for us to rely on real world procedures.
Always follow instructions issued by IFATC. If you don’t want to return back to the training server.


If we’re looking to fly as realistically as possible, what you did was indeed correct and the controller shouldn’t have vectored you into conflict with the zone.

However - and I’m not saying this as a criticism as such but more as a matter of fact - Infinite Flight sadly isn’t as realistic as that at the moment and, as others have stated, it appears IFATC are not currently trained to obey airspace restrictions like this. I’d therefore suggest that although what you did was indeed correct, it’s probably best just to follow the instructions next time in order to avoid some kind of (admittedly undue) penalty.

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We as ATC are trained to handle a much larger level of traffic (especially on radar) compared to real life, also we as radar controller have one responsibility: let you land without bust/ crash, the fact of responding with “unable” to a vector that doesn’t destroy anything in the game is completely wrong, cause issues to controllers that have to assist and loose time with you and making them nervous (because you aren’t the only plane in the screen) and to you that may be reported.
Please follow and accept all vectors ATC gives you unless you are going to materially crash.


Contrary to what many people said, if I was your controller, I would have accepted what you did. I love to provide realism while controlling, whether that be runway usage or avoiding a restricted airspace, etc.

If I notice someone under my control about to pass the DMZ, I will definitely bring them back south of it.


Incorrect. We have nothing in the ATC manual currently that states we need to avoid them so we can and will vector you over special use airspaces as they currently aren’t implemented into the sim fully. The controller was correct in using all available space.

Using unable in this scenario will likely lead to you being reported if you don’t follow the heading or altitude instruction. Try to make it as easy as possible on the radar controllers, not harder, especially in busy airspaces.


Please can you clarify if you are referring to the Infinite Flight ATC Manual or real world ATC training?

If you’re talking about real world ATC rules then fair enough, my apologies and I stand corrected.

However, if you’re referring to the Infinite Flight ATC Manual then I’m sure you’ll agree that the statement you highlighted in a quote is actually correct.

I do, of course, appreciate that the daily hubs get unrealistically busy and that we should therefore do everything we can to make the controller’s life as easy as possible.

That said, Infinite Flight markets itself as a simulator and, in my opinion, it could be viewed as disappointing if someone is penalised for trying to fly in a realistic manor.

I’m referring to the Infinite Flight procedures. Once the sim is able to implement special use airspaces correctly I would assume the way we operate would more align with those specific real world procedures regarding MOAs, etc. like we’ve done with other things that get implemented (i.e. the change made when the new airport airspace’s were added in 20.1 changed Tower’s airspace rules)

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Very well, thank you for clearing that up. As I highlighted in my prior posts, backed up by what you have said above, Infinite Flight has different procedures to real world. And as you quite rightly said, hopefully these procedures can be updated and altered to more precisely follow their real world equivalents as IF progresses in the future.


Metering and landing slots will also need to be enabled for hubs if one expects 100% realism™ in procedures.

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Of course, I’d imagine this would be extremely difficult to implement though. Perhaps something to think about for the future though.

I’d totally vote for that feature if I got to administer the landing fees.