Una Reunión Amistosa!

Me encantó el título y nombre del evento en español. Felicidades, espero poder participar 🙌🏻

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Any gate, earliest time slot available
Jetblue A321 arriving from JFK, then departing out to LAX

@MANDELA you have been booked!

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I’d like to change my arrival to 11:30-12:00 pls

Would you be ok with 11:45-12:00? I’m trying to keep arrivals and departures in 15 minute intervals

oh thats what i meant yes

Ok 👍
Will you be coming from Toronto?

Yes (10 characters)

@ayyjay your booking has been modified as requested!

Can I grab any gate, Sun Country to Minneapolis?

@Mort you have been booked!

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Got some more slots open. Please come join!

@PhorzaSky switch me to Portland, also will you give warnings on when to take off

I’ll get you switched 👍

About a day before the event, I’ll ping everyone and show their schedule times

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Me with signups be like



Slots! Come get your slots! They are free!

Terminal 13
Navigator 13MK Boeing 737-700BBJ MMPR-PHNL-RPMO-RPVM-WAFF please.

@IFP.community you have been booked!

If you’re reading this and you haven’t joined, please do! This event is an experiment to test how my slot time setup works. The more people who can join, the better the results!

Got tons of slots still if anyone wants to join!