Una Reunión Amistosa!

Hola! Bienvenidos a Una Reunión Amistosa!
Howday! Welcome to A Friendly Gathering!

For my first event of 2024, I wanted to invite all of you to one of the nicest places in Mexico, Puerto Vallarta! This beautiful city on the Pacific coast of Mexico has many wonders, including large sandy beaches, adventure in the mountains, and even a pirate ship!

This Event is set to happen on Sunday, March 10th from 1700-1900 Zulu (11:00 to 13:00 local) on the Expert server. This event will also be a combination of a fly-in and out! You’ll get to decide where you will arrive from, departing to, or both! This event will also have slot times. During the event’s 2-hour time period, you will get to decide on a time you want your flight. This will help with getting more people to participate, but be aware that first come, first served rules apply here. So if you want something limited, be quick to claim your slot!

There are 8 slot times available for each gate for every quarter of an hour (example: 11:00-11:15).

You’re allowed ONE slot, unless you are doing both an arrival and departure. The arrival time and departure time don’t have to be back to back (example: arrival 11:00-11:15. Departure 12:00-12:15).

When you reach the end of your slot time, please despawn or be out of the gate (taxiway) to allow the next person to either take that gate or spawn into it.

For claiming slots, quote the gate you want and write the times you want. If you don’t specify a time, I’ll decide for you. You don’t need to have your airline, aircraft, or your departure or arrival airport ready while claiming, but please have them ready within 48 hours after claiming, or you will lose your slot. If you’re curious about what your gate can hold, please ask me for help.

Gates Slot time Availability
FBO 1 Open
FBO 2 Open
FBO 3 Open
GA 2 Open
GA 3 Open
GA 4 Open
GA 5 Open
GA 6 Open
GA 7 Open
GA 8 Open
GA 9 Open
GA 10 Open
GA 11 Open
GA 12 Open
GA 13 Open
GA 14 Open
GA 15 Open
GA 16 Open
GA 17 Open
GA 18 Open
GA 19 Open
GA 20 Open
GA 21 Open
GA 22 Open
GA 23 Open
GA 24 Open
Terminal 1 11:30-13:00
Terminal 2 11:15-13:00
Terminal 3 Open
Terminal 4 11:15-12:45
Terminal 5 11:15-12:30
Terminal 6 Open
Terminal 7 11:15-11:45 12:00-13:00
Terminal 8 Open
Terminal Stand 9 11:00-11:45 12:00-12:45
Terminal Stand 10 Open
Terminal 11 11:15-13:00
Terminal 12 Open
Terminal 13 11:15-13:00
Terminal 14 Open
Terminal Stand 15 Open
Terminal Stand 15A Open
Terminal Stand 16 Open
Terminal Stand 17A Open
Terminal Stand 17 Open
Terminal Stand 18 Open
Terminal Stand 18A Open
Terminal Stand 19 Open
Terminal Stand 20A Open
Terminal Stand 20 Open
Claimed Slots
Gate Member Airline Aircraft Arrival Slot Time Departure Slot Time
Terminal 4 PhorzaSky Southwest B738 SLC → 11:00-11:15 12:45-13:00 → SLC
Terminal 5 Ryan_Carney Alaska B739 SEA → 12:30-12:45 12:45-13:00 → SEA
Terminal 7 Cole_Woodard Aeromexico E190 MEX → 11:00-11:15 11:45-12:00 → MEX
Terminal 11 United403 TUI B788 - 11:00-11:15 → MAN
Terminal Stand 9 ayyjay WestJet B738 YYZ → 11:45-12:00 12:45-13:00 → YYZ
Terminal 5 Prestoni Alaska B739 PDX → 11:00-11:15 -
Terminal 1 MANDELA JetBlue A321 JFK → 11:00-11:15 11:15-11:30 → LAX
Terminal 2 Mort SunCountry B738 11:00-11:15 → MSP
Terminal 13 IFP.community BBJ B737 11:00-11:15 → HNL
Ground Tower
- -

  1. Please be respectful in all aspects of this event. This includes-
    a. Claiming slots
    b. Coordinating with others
    c. In-game
  2. Be professional. This may not be real life, but having these skills now could be beneficial for you later in life if being a part of the aviation world is a goal of yours.
  3. Have fun!

Thanks for reading my event and I hope you can join the fun! If you want to receive reminders of this event, please select “Going” in the box below!

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If anyone needs help understanding my event, don’t hesitate to ask

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I’ll take this as an Aeromexico E190 from Mexico City and to Mexico City. This will be a 50 minute layover around around 11:00-11:15ish and departing around 11:50-12:05ish

Alaska 739 to SEA plz

I’ll get you booked. Is it ok that I have your departure from 11:45-12:00 instead? Trying not to over complicate things lol

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Sure thing! What Slot time\s would you like?

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let me think

Yeah that’s fine

@Cole_Woodard @Ryan_Carney you have been booked!


Any terminal gate!! TUI 788 to Manchester

Got you covered! Any time in particular?

Whatever is the earliest

@United403 you have been booked!

Westjet B738 to Toronto

On it! What time would you like?


@ayyjay you have been booked!

I was gonna posy my event at this time but you got there first lol

Same as @Ryan_Carney Only fly in

@Prestoni You have been booked!

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I’ve changed the formatting of the event. You should now be able to see what is open for gates and slot times as well as who has been booked. I’ve also added a rule that if you don’t specify a time, I’ll choose for you.