Una queja sobre un ATC malo

On a flight from Paris to London with air france b777F, I atoed Air France flight number 1406 on the expert takeoff server from Paris, the tower controller made mistakes after I was authorized to take off, I gave him to respond to takeoff and then he tells me that I was free to land and I never asked him to land and I am overweight and I ask him

Probably just a simple mistake. I wouldn’t make a massive deal out of it.

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Are you sure you didn’t request to remain in the pattern?

It looks as though ATC has responded with a traffic direction. Remaining in the pattern is as the name suggests, making right or left traffic, and only to be used when you intend to make patterns, not depart out of the airspace.


Hey @Briam_alexander_Aria! Puedes explicar con mas contexto lo que paso? Seems you speak Spanish. As @Fergus stated above, maybe you requested takeoff remaining in the pattern, in case that wasn’t the case (which seems it was), everything is fine. You didn’t get any violation either, also you can always check who was the controller and try to message him.


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