Un-listing posts

Hey i was reading a post earlier and at the end it said “Unlisted 1 Day Ago”
What does this mean/do?
And why would a moderator or staff member do this?
Hope someone can help i’m just trying to understand the workings of the forum.

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Hey, when a post is unlisted it means it can’t be access without a direct link. It is used to hide a post that staff do not really want because it might violate the ToS or just be spam.

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That is to take the post off the wall, so it cannot be read anymore. It’s a decluttering measure.

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Essentially it is used to hide topics. If you are on desktop you can hover over icons and they tell you what they mean.

‘This topic is unlisted; it will not be displayed in topic lists, and can only be accessed via a direct link’

How it's done

why would they want to hide a topic? People have a voice that should be heard. Plus, this is a forum and people want to discuss.

Usually mods do this when it is a private topic or something like an apology directed to them violating some guidelines.
Cign :D

This here:

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but what if i think the topic shouldn’t have been closed and unlisted because it discusses something important that shouldn’t be ignored. But the staff STILL decided to close it.

They know the difference and let people express their opinions. Very rarely do they silence those who speak out.

but what if they did. And i mean the ones at the top of the food chain. who could i message.

Message those who closed it?


Moderators don’t close topics for fun because they have the button. They do so if it violates category rules etc… If you think it was wrongfully closed then contact Moderators by pressing ‘Message’.

okay thanks everyone. i’ll message them

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