Un-flyable Aircraft on Live after 20.1.1 Hotfix Update

Good day, able captains! I use an ordinary iPhone 6 and my live constantly crashes even when I do simple things such as planning out my route (FPL) on map. I’ve done all the possible remedies including restarting the phone before flying, clearing scenery cache, set all graphics and rendering to lowest setting, airplane count set to ‘none’, and even re-installing the game 3 times.

My planes are basically sitting ducks in Live, with or without other air traffic. I can fly normally without an FPL in Solo but it also crashes when I plot out my route in the same gameplay mode.

Is there a problem with the update or is it on my end this time? Please let me know any remedy or technique available that can help solve my case with the app crashes. All attempts to help are appreciated!

Thank you and stay safe!

UPDATE AS OF 0040Z 13.06.2020: I’ve finally downloaded the Hotfix update but it still crashes when I’m doing a flight plan. Same device as mentioned above, all known remedies were applied pre-flight.

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This issue should be fixed in the 20.1 hotfix update that just got pushed today. It’s not just you - don’t worry!

Report back after the update if the issue still remains


That is not true, we don’t have a minimum 4GB RAM requirement.

Our iOS requirements are on our webiste:


Not sure what you’re talking about. I have the 6th gen. I could still run max graphics on 19.4 and not have crashes. Still can do max even with the 777 update, not considering the unrelated crashes.

Doesn’t mean it’s required. Plus, v19.4 was prone to long haul crashes. I suggest you take a read on that, and then don’t reply since this is about v20.1, not v19.4.

I also suggest that you don’t argue with staff. Just a recommendation though.

Not for me. I suspect that crashes you had for ULHs on 19.4 were due to the long haul crash bug. Memory leak caused this, and your upgrading likely allowed you to make it through with the extra RAM. I think the 6th gen iPad would definitely be able to do ULHs after 20.1 crashes are fixed.

Update: I’ve finally downloaded the Hotfix update but it still crashes when I’m doing a flight plan. Same device as mentioned above

I’ve updated my app. Please check my edit of this post. Thank you!

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Don’t worry dude - you are certainly not alone.

Give these two links a read:

From what it seems, one of the crashes reproducible In Infinite Flight with the 20.1 Update occurs at busy airports/regions with extensive (large) taxiway map’s! If you can, start a flight from a remote airport up in Northern Canada (or some other remote place in Infinite Flight) and see if your app still crashes. Turn on ‘Low Power Mode’, Disable ‘Anti-Aliasing’and lower your ‘Airplane Count’ and make sure to restart your app prior to this flight. Does it still crash?

The hotfix seems to have fixed some issues but it seems that some issues are still present; like this one here. I’m sure the Staff and Development Team will be taking a closer look into the issue that is causing this as there’s still a handful of Infinite Flight users experiencing constant app crashes.

Bare with the team on this one. They are trying their hardest and working nonstop to fix these issues! Feel free to contact Infinite Flight’s Support Staff directly to discuss further options over at support@infiniteflight.com! Best of luck!


Thanks, captain! Much appreciated. Stay safe!


Thank you Capt!! I will have patience while the Dev and team work to fix this. Thank you once more.


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