Un fair ghost

I’ve just got ghosted from an ATC in expert KSAN I was 2nd to takeoff just before I was about to enter runway 9 I got a message stating ATC is no longer/offline available so I announced my intentions to takeoff as soon as I got V1 speed I was ghosted by an ATC how is that possible I really enjoy expert server and follow all the rules can a moderator please look into this and reveres the ghost please I it didn’t say on my end that the ATC is back online but if I’m already on the runway taking off I shouldn’t be ghosted especially when right before I entered the runway the previous ATC logged off with no warning

Best way is contact the controller and discuss what happened you can check your log book

Did you go offline or tower? I feel you have a good chance of getting through this

The tower went offline

No one else needs to reply other than @JoshFly8



Message me and we can discuss why cutting off traffic on short final was your intention at the time. :)


Yes that’s me I was directly behind a ups md-11 and I entered the runway right after he took off there was no one else on the runway but a 737 behind on the taxiway I did t cut any one off

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