UN 757 Entebbe - Nairobi

Pictures taken on a short hop in UN 757 TF-FIK (which was originally operated by Iceland Air) between Kampala, Uganda and Nairobi, Kenya. Early morning takeoff, beautiful scenery inflight, and some other flights on the ground in Nairobi!

Flight Information: UN TF-FIK, flight time 1h 10m on expert server!

Wheels up in Kampala!

Look at that morning sunlight

Seconds from touchdown with Qatar Cargo 777F (@Skyler_Cooper)and ANA Cargo 77F in the background

Cool landing shot behind an ANA 772 (@Mark_Eatman)

And finally arrived at the gate with - perhaps the UN officials on board were connecting onto Europe!


Wow great shots!

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Nice photos!!!

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Hey that’s me in the KLM 77W

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