If EGLL is busy do I sometimes get landing clearences right away? Probably do

  1. ATC often give pushback and taxi commands together for speed. It happens in real life too.

  2. That is just a bug


Try reading this;

I can assure you IFATC are an amazing group and are literally expert controllers! Even though there may be a delay you must see how hard their work is!


So let’s start from the top
Ground told you to expect a runway, and gave you a taxi instruction prior to your request which saves us and you time. Totally fine to do.

I was on Center and if you ask Center for an instrument approach it’s going to be denied and your going to be told to expect vectors. The system just says the runway is closed. It’s not something the controller does.

Tower should wait for your request on handoff from approach.

Any other questions?


Nope that was EGBB read carefully and there was nothing wrong with approach TWR did not wait for my request

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welp that is acceptable than. Cheers to your knowledge!

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We don’t necessarily have to wait for your request.
We can give taxi clearances and landing clearances without you sending a request.


agreed! they are great group!


ok. thats my fault. But not the landing clearence

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You shouldn’t give a landing clearance until you know intentions.


Well, you didn’t request for touch & go, so it’s not a big deal :)

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Not really the point there boss 🙄


Things were strange(The NOTAM etc). Btw I was the Qatar 77w in-front of you at EGBB. Hope you had a cool flight

Explain strange? If someone’s doing something incorrectly we like to address it.

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YouTube educated controller chastises people with experience. Guess i should go take some flying lessons on YouTube maybe I’ll be an expert then🙄


I thought you where the you tube channel HD.

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No worries. Excellent work with Heathrow center :)

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Only for coding… something i have no clue about but its YouTube 😎

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oh didn’t see you there now I understand. hoping you had a nice flight :)

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I was the Qatari 1336, oneworld livery…anyway nice day…