Ummers93’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED]

I am starting my ATC practical at the weekend

Hi I was L-SMSH in a BBJ.

-When I asked for a runway change you never gave me a pattern entry to the new runway. You must have a pattern entry for every runway change.

-I called full stop and you told me not to send unnecessary messages. I was wondering why, and then I saw that you gave me a landing clearance after the runway change. Runway change does not mean I’m going to land. I departed in a pattern, so you should have cleared me for the option, not for landing.

To do a runway change, send a pattern entry, then send a option clearance with a new direction of traffic to follow after the runway change. So for example, a runway change for a plane flying right downwind in 34L would look like:

“Plane A, Enter right downwind 34C.”
“Plane A, Runway 34C, cleared for the option, after the option, make right/left traffic”

Cheers 🍻


Thanks, mate.

You won’t see me making that mistake again

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now open at OEJN.
Please make patterns and request RW changes

Open at EDDM.


Practical this weekend

Are you going to open sometime again before you take the practical? Btw, you don’t need to wait for a pilot to change runways. So if someone hasn’t requested a runway change and you want practice (or you deem it necessary), just issue a runway change.

I will open again in a few hours. Practical tonight

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Now open @OMDB

Come on by before my practical.

Cheers, big ears

Sorry I haven’t been able to stay for long…

Just some quick notes:

  1. Since there was someone on Approach, you do not need to give me a pattern entry instruction ("enter left base runway 30L") when I requested for ILS approach (same goes for GPS approach). Just clear me for the option. That being said, however, if someone is inbound on the ILS/GPS when nobody’s on approach, you would still need to give them a pattern-entry instruction.
  2. Need to give “frequency change approved” when I requested departure to the north.

I’ll check back on you next time ;)

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Thanks, mate. Cheers for coming by

Nice work. Only need to give me “make xxxx traffic” in the landing clearance if you are changing my runway. Otherwise I’ll keep making the traffic pattern you issued.

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Minor mistake. Sorry for that. Thanks

come on by

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