Umm this isn’t really Fair

My game crashed so I had to restart my phone and when i came back i had 5 new violations i had just put my gear up now I can’t use my usual server.


Hello, don’t be so angry right away, we’re here to help you. Did the replay file save by any chance?

Game crashes can happen a lot but that you get 5 violations from that shouldn’t happen.
Did your plane stall before it crashed or was the speed over 260kts?

Yea it did

Try getting the replay and contacting a moderator other then that unfortunately you will have to wait 7 days to get your grade back!

The speed was over 260 knots right before the replay ended

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Still you shouldn’t get violations if the game crashes - that is slightly odd…

Thats what I thought


If the violations or punishment received were of an app error (game issue), you should contact a Moderator with your replay.

Upload your replay at the following website:

If in fact you know the violations or punishment we’re received were a cause of pilot error (e.g. you were over speeding and then the app crashed), please don’t waste a Moderator’s time. However, if you’re truly not at fault, I encourage you to appeal it this way.

If your appeal is unsuccessful or you choose not to appeal, you’ll have your violations automatically removed exactly seven days after their application.


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Thanks you! I also think this is not that important now that i know it will reset i will try it out

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