Umm... I got excellent connection. Even on Data this happen

Umm… is the servers okay? Im not even on wifi, and in data still live server is red… did i do something wrong again.

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Probably the Server is Down or is being updated

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Ah u got the same problem as well?

Im not in game actually. But this is a know issue and is being worked on by the Staff

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o my god , i even turn off my wifi and the global server and API service still green , wow… what a weird thing to happen…im just glad its not my wifis fault since i can play other pc games with excellent ping

It’s probably just an issue with your service provider or connection. I’m on a flight rn and don’t have any problems.

Just curious, where was this announced?

We’re looking into this and will try and find out what’s wrong - please keep in mind it reconnects automatically quite quickly and hopefully shouldn’t impact your flight too much :)

From Cameron

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