Um, what? (Profile pic inquiry)

Hello! Thanks for clicking on this!

Okay, so I’m using @ItsBlitz’s profile pic because that’s where I found the problem.

I am so confuzzled right now. Pls answer.


Maybe try reloading the page?

This is because he recently changed it so it may not have updated fully.

I’ve tried and it was still like that…

This can happen sometimes when a user switches profile pictures. Reloading or giving it some time will help.

I actually just swapped my PFP so thats probably a little discourse bug. Should change in a minute or so. Thanks for noticing 😂

Loving the purple model 3 (???) maybe an s, either way purple Tesla is pretty hype 😂

Not sure it’s better than the Tennessee one though, that was pretty hype too.

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Yea, I don’t know which is better. There is a 744 Virgin Atlantic in the Backround too 💜❤️

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Ya I saw that, don’t worry 😂

Purple car is eye catching though 😂

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