Ok I was thinking about the 777 update and project metal thought about a new aircraft that could be added, a strange one at that, a ultralight!

Yeah I thought about this a bit to hard but I came up with cool features this could have such as,
•Actual tilting wing,
•Live cockpit,
•Multiple things a bit like how american airlines a321 have winglets when other liverys don’t so for the ultralight one livery could have a cool body were as another livery could be stripped down to metal pipes,
•The wings having design’s depending on which livery you choose,
•And last but not least different doors or hatches or things you can open close turn on or off if you get what I mean.

I know that this will probably never happen but I wanted to here your opinion on the matter.

Happy flying

I’m confused. What are you asking for? Do you know what aircraft this is? If so, you should rename the topic as the aircraft.

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There you go

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Not to be picky, but there are so many types of ultralights. Do you happen to know which one this is?


Its fine to be picky i picked a picture at random as i dont mean any specific make or brand i just mean ultralights in general

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You need to pick a specific ultralight, and also the photo has to be cited


Hmmm seems like a duplicate but I don’t have too much knowledge on ultralights so it may be a different model. Maybe include the type of model of Ultralight aircraft you’d want to see. Just putting “ultralights” is a bit vague as would requesting for the whole Boeing family for example. ;)

That’s not the way to go, especially for a feature request

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