Ultra long hauls

I flew this flight in the opposite way last week with pax and cargo.

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Why not try Qatar’s longest flight (pre-Covid) from Doha to Auckland…

  • Flight no. / Callsign
    QR920 (Qatari 44 Sierra Golf)
  • Aircraft
    Boeing 777-200(LR)
  • Route
    Doha Hamad (OTHH / DOH) → Auckland (NZAA / AKL)
  • Flight time
    16h 30m (Scheduled)

I’m ironically planning to do this flight sometime in the very near future!

I did WSSS to KMIA on the a350 took me 23 hours, I was on route to KJFK but decided to divert to Miami.

Fly Aeroflot A350 west from Khabarovsk to Lima, takes pretty much the same fuel flight time as the aircraft itself of over 22hrs.

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