Ultra-long haul

Hello IFC, I am planning a 26 and 1/2 hours long haul. Departing sfrom me time after I land in Moscow. I will be flying from Boston Logan International Airport, and ending in Perth, via Los Angeles and Sydney. Wish me luck. I will post a live flight link to track me later.

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https://www.liveflightapp.com/?f=c77559ae-9468-4c00-b853-ee6dd0c0bbc7&s=5f3fdc11-35b8-4268-832f-42f1c6539ab9 track my journey, won’t be starting for a bit, but in app


Thanks for your post! Rather than starting a new thread, please post in the Global Log book thread, so you can see what everyone else is flying as well!

Good luck and happy landings