Ultra Long Haul Tips and Tricks

I plan on doing KIAH-YSSY on the 787-9. I was wondering if there are any tips or tricks to help me save fuel and make it to my destination.


Step climbing always helps. Trim your aircraft as well.

I’d also use fpltoif.com to make a flight plan. It’ll also give you pax, Cargo, and fuel calculations!


Make sure to turn on low power mode, turn your brightness all the way down, and have your device plugged in.

For your device have it charged, lower your brightness and volume, reduce quality. if your device needs it I’d suggest doing long hauls while you sleep so you can wake up and land. That’s what I do when I do with my longer ones.


I will for sure use that, thank you! Do you have any recommendations for Trim settings?

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Adjust it until the pink line disappears 👍🏻


Thanks foe the tip! This one will be for sure over night as it is 17 hours long, and i will be sure to lower my brightness etc.

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From what I’ve seen the 787 (If mostly empty and fully fueled) can travel slightly more than half-way around the world in one trip. So, what I do first is spawn at an airport of choice, move the globe so it’s at the line. I trace a line to another field on the opposite side of the circle and I then use SimBrief to get the best wind-based flight plan and you have 17-20 hour flights.

After takeoff, I apply about 50-60% negative trim to at least save some fuel. Low Power Mode is a must. I turn down the brightness all the way, sound also off.

I should tell you if you have a 6AM-2PM School Day, you can start these flights at 8-10PM, sleep, go learn stuff and come back home to land.

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Use some negative trim to help conserve fuel during long flights if you need to. 🙂

Do you recommend setting negative trim till the pink stuff goes away also?

Yep. That’s how you do it.

Thanks for the advice! I always put Low power mode even on shorter flights (Around 4 hours).

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Negative trim helps so your nose isn’t pointing up to maintain the same altitude so your throttle isn’t at a high level of thrust. Negative trim assists with keeping the aircraft level without having to use high amounts of thrust which saves fuel. It will help to keep the level of thrust lower so you can conserve fuel for the flight.

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When you begin your descent…should you reset your trim or keep it the way you had it for the whole flight?

By the time you decent you probably won’t need negative trim since you are using VS to decent.

So do we just reset the trim back to 0?

If you are sleeping during the flight, fly on the casual server

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What pink line?

Step climbing is recommended. Full tutorial:

Then get Your flight plan sorted, utilizing the wind as much as You can. Use some sort of flight planner, probably SimBrief (I personally think don’t use these, so I don’t know)

Then get Your speed and altitudes right. From what Google tells me, the max altitude is 43 000 ft. Cruising speed Mach 0.85 (488 knots). Make sure to follow the step climbing tutorial up until that point.

More info on the 787-9 here:

EDIT: Make sure to monitor Your flight too. I understand thst You will have to sleep, but You might encounter some surprises from the weather, as I did when I was flying 14h to New Zealand from America. Change the flight plan accordingly.

Shortest school day ever. I wake up at 5 and get home at 7