Ultra-Long haul flight tips

My subscription ends in about a week so I figured that’s it’s time to try WSSS-KEWR. I’m going to take off between 10 and 10:30 PM EST and I’ll land around 3:30 EST after I get home from school the next day. I’m planning on bringing my phone to school with a portable charger so I can make speed adjustments so I can land when I get home.
I’ve done many 9 hour overnight flights but is there anything I can do to save battery and prevent my phone from overheating when it is in my locker or binder. And should I use the 787-10 or 777-300ER since the a350 is not in the game yet. Any other tips are also appreciated, thanks!

Well a stable internet connection is one tip. Don’t keep cutting the connection just leave it charging on a flat surface were nobody will touch it. Just leave it at home as most school wifi won’t actually connect you to the live server and after X amount of time your game will crash

  • Have settings, like render quality, and all that on low. Have AA off.

  • Have brightens and volume down.

  • Keep it at an FL where it doesn’t stall

  • Pretty much put full fuel, and low cargo and not a high number of passengers.

  • Adding on, calibrate it on that flat surface before you leave for school, because if something happens and the AP disconnects you’ll just keep flying straight instead of stalling and crashing.

But if you want to climb use this A Guide to Step Climbing

And this https://fpltoif.com/ That website will give you a real world flp, proper altitude and fuel, you can choose the passengers and cargo weight. And to add that flp to IF. After it loads it, and everything click copy Flp of whatever it says, then open the map, click the top right, the bar where you can search waypoints then hit the box that appears in the middle then hit paste 👍


Brightness all the way downn


Settings -> General -> Enable Automatic Low Power… never tried it before myself tho


I’ve done 5 hour flights at school where I take off at lunch so I know the WiFi works, I’ll definitely use your other tips

Okay👍 Some schools allow it others don’t 🙂👍 Anyway have a safe trip on the worlds longest flight 👍

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My schools wifi blocks YouTube and other websites (especially games) and would block IF but I have a VPN so I can use the WiFi for whatever on my phone 🤫

I use this and it is a life saver for battery. Depending on how long your classes are after every class check your battery level. And before it hits 20% plug it in so you don’t disconnect from the server when the low power pop up ends up popping up. Happened to me once and that changed me forever.


An ulta long haul flight means your aircraft will be heavy and as there’s a reasonable change you’ll be sleeping before you reach cruise altitude, here’s a tip: set your cruise to something like 32,000 or 34,000 feet. After takeoff, climb to 10,000 feet, decrease your ascent rate to 900 feet/min with a speed of 320 kts. Then lower your screen brightness, turn your volume to minimum and put your mobile device on a charger. Then go to sleep.
Your aircraft will slowly climb to the low cruise. This way, you limit the risk of stalling and overspeeding, with these subsequent horrors called violations.

Goodnight 😊


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