Ultra Long Haul flight-Perth to Frankfurt

Hey IFC! Its been a while since i did an ultra long haul flight so i decided to fly from Perth all the way to Frankfurt with the trusty B787-9. This flight from YPPH-EDDF marks the 2nd longest flight i have done (1st is from Newark to Singapore 17hrs+). Here are some pics of the flight. Enjoy!

Flight Details

Server- Expert
Flight time- 16hrs 44mins
Cruising altitude- FL380
Airline- Qantas
Aircraft- B787-9

  1. Ladies and Gentlemen, please do not carry any baggage with you in this flight due to the aircraft being heavy because of the MAX fuel we have on board. Get comfy as this is a loooong flight!

  1. Blasting out off Perth

  1. Flying up north at FL380

  1. Sun sets as we fly across Malaysia heading towards India

  1. Above Delhi as we continue to fly towards Frankfurt

  1. Had to skip ahead, Final approach runway 07L.

  1. Butter!

  1. Engines shut down as we have finally arrived in Frankfurt!

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Turns out i over reacted about the fuel consumption by setting it to MAX as i had 3hrs of extra fuel when i landed.


Almost 17 hours!!! That’s a long flight Very nice photos!

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Haha it is really long! Thank you :)

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Great pics and even faster than the real one recently which clocked in at 16:52 hours. Great to see Qantas around, thanks for sharing!

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Nice shots man. About the description of telling passengers not to carry baggage on board. Hey, that’s gotta be realistic because that would reduce the heaviness of the aircraft in which the aircraft can easily get lift once take off. And a long flight too with Qantas flying all the way from Perth, amazing.

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Thank you so much 😀

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Thank you!

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