*ULTRA*long haul flight from Cape Town (FACT) to Beijing (ZBAA)

Hey guys! Sorry i didnt post in a while but im back today with a cargo ultra long haul flight from Cape Town to Beijing. A really enjoyable flight! Even got to see Mount Everest (I think)
I had to make an missed approach due to not establishing with the localizer properly but came back in to land on R36R.

Flight details:
Callsign: China Southern 695 Heavy
Departure time: 23:58
Arrival time: 14:50 (next day)
Altitude: Fl30, FL340
Speed(gs): 535kts
Total flight time: 14h48
Aircraft: 777F

On Ground at FACT

Take-off from FACT

Over the Himalayas

Cruising beside Mount Everest ( I think correct me if I’m wrong)

Over threshold on R36R at ZBAA

Smooth landing on R36R at ZBAA

At gate with all doors open at ZBAA

Enjoy the pics guys!


Nice pictures


Nice work on the pics, i love how you went with the cargo variant instead of the pax variant overly some beautiful pics mate!

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Nice pics! Just came back after a 23 hour long flight from Auckland to Amsterdam.

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Thanks man!

Thanks man! I thought I would change it up a bit as I always fly the actual airlines

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That’s a really long flight wow! Did you stop anywhere?

pretty sure this isnt final

I like this pic the m ost

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No, perfectly possible in the a350 quite a long flight.


Sorry my bad.

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If you want an even longer flight you could try KSFO-WSSS in the singapore airlines a350

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RKSI-SBGL is also pretty long


But i don’t know if It’s actually possible as commercial


You will know if your at mount Everest if you fly at exactly 29,032 feet and fly just a few hundred feet from the summit of it

15 hours is technically not a ultra long haul. those are over 16 hours flight time and at least 7500+ miles

I didn’t fly over it (picture 4) the mountain in the background looked like Mount Everest but like I said in the caption correct me if I’m wrong! I was flying at 30000ft at the time so I assumed it was it:)

Ok sorry I’ll know for next time.

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no it’s fine it’s a much cooler titlle!

i was talking about IRL Routes

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