Ultra Long Haul endeavour: KLAX-HKJK

I hadn’t tried an ultra long-haul flight before, so I decided to challenge myself, and it went pretty well. The B77L is a powerhouse when it comes to these kinds of endeavours, and i would very much like it if the A350-900ULR is added to the game as well. It seems like fpltoif overestimated the fuel, but maybe it’s just strong tailwinds at certain stages of the flight that reduced fuel consumption. I am also still learning how to stabilise the aircraft after disconnecting it from the autopilot in APPR mode. When I did this, it lurched forward and lost a few feet. Thankfully, I was able to get it under control just before touchdown. I am also still learning how to flare on landing. Other than that, I really enjoyed doing an ultra long-haul route and will do one very soon. I’m thinking of SIN-EWR on the A359.

route: KLAX-HKJK
aircraft: Boeing 777-200LR
flight time: 17 hours and 31 minutes
server: Training Server
Departure: 0916hrs PST
Arrival: 1302hrs EAT
Altitude: FL315
fuel loaded: 147,600 kg
fuel used: 115,800 kg (had to dump some 20,000 kg so that i could engage APPR then disconnect it later at 1500 ft AGL)
fuel remaining: 31,800 kgs
boarding, fueling and loading cargo
passengers: 307, cargo: 6,700 kg

taxi to the runway (LAX is ever busy

takeoff. had a bit of a problem getting into the air because i miscalculated the V speeds and flaps 5 instead of 15

step climb to FL290 then to FL315

touchdown at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport HKJK RWY06 after 17hrs 31mins


nice flight

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thanks mate

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Haha at first glance at the last picture it looked like no gears were down, great shots!

Nice pics! :P

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