Ultra long haul cruise

Currently doing an ultra long haul flight from Auckland to Dubai on the a380 with a flight plan generated from SimBrief. according to SimBrief I needed to put max fuel. Now I’m at FL340 and I’m noticing that my aircraft is stalling and loosing its speed for no reason, is it a bug?


What is your aircraft load? You may be too heavy for that altitude depending on your overall weight.
You may need to step climb. Fly at a lower altitude until you burn some weight off, then climb higher.

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Can your share the replay?

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He is in flight currently

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Maybe when he lands in hours hehee


I would say this issue is an combination of Weight and wind. As you said your flying from Auckland to Dubai with an fully loaded A380 you need to to step climb. The weight is one of the problems the other one is the jetsream your flying against that is also slowing down the Ground Speed of your Aircraft.

You can’t just climb to FL340 on a packed A380, you must stepclimb, it is not a bug, so I recommend you level off at fl250 and accelerate and climb slowly (like 200fpm) to 30,000 to 32,000 and after a few hours climb to around FL340 then 360 and 380

Don’t fully take my word for it, but something like that

Your just to high for your load you need to defend and then step climb by about 500ft a minute or less and then your get to the higher altitudes biting less fuel hence why you need to descend to burn more.

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