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Seven Seven Seven is now my favorite 3 words. Just thought you should know.

Another 77W route we have here as me and @ZinZowe who I fly with on 99.99% of my routes with now embark on a 16 hour flight from the Street Food Capital of the World, Mumbai, to the Most Artistic City in the U.S, Newark!

I decided to fly to Newark instead of JFK so I won’t get 100 vectors to final. This route, operated by United’s 77W is an ultra long haul route meaning more scenery then ever! Sit back, grab your pretzels and enjoy the flight. Or watch 7 movies on the IFE.

A very smooth takeoff of 160kts out of Mumbai’s Runway 27!

Cruising at FL320 over the city of foggy Kabul 🤩

The sun sets over Afghanistan, But up rises a new one over Svalbard!


Beautiful views of unfortunately melting ice over Svalbard! 🧊

It’s test time! You all failed the last one actually and only 4% (@Butter_Boi, @Zhopkins, @Cpt.TC) got it correct!

Which fact is true about Svalbard?

  • It is illegal to die in Svalbard
  • 13 of Norway’s National Parks are located in Svalbard
  • Svalbard is only home to 75 people
  • Air Greenland operates to Svalbard on a daily basis

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I can’t get enough views of Greenland now 🇬🇱

Reporting the Airport in Sight 👀

50, 40, 30, 20, 10, 5, 4, 2. 3. 1, 2. 1, 3, butter? I floated a lot 😂

I appreciate your time! A like would mean a lot! Safe flights, until next time 😉


Not for long 😜. In a few days/weeks, it will be Seven Five Seven


It’s an honor the get the question right and be tagged. 😂

Great photos Mr. Las Vegas CEO!


Svalbard… I want to die there!

Nice ones, loving the moonshots

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You guys broke my poll smh


I didn’t do it… 😬


Working just fine for me

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I totally had nothing to do in the makings of the breaking


Can I be Las Vegas COO 😂

Great pics @Kamryn 👍

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Yes you can.


Ironically, I also saw @LaroseRoyce land and park at Newark 👀


Yeah… I’m not so sure about that. These pictures though are very artistic and they are more beautiful than all the beauty of Newark combined. 😉

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Me: Makes a very nice #screenshots-and-videos topic yesterday that does very well

@Kamryn: No my topic will do better


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oops- your photos were just as stunning!

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I just realized on the the photos never loaded 😔😥😭😟

They loaded fine for me.

I love the first one!

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The second one :) Check now!

Here, you dropped this.

I was wondering where it went, there was a caption within no photo.


It’s so hard to choose between the two now.🥵

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Nice picture I liked the most the 1 and 4 photo.