Ultra Air Airbus A320-200

Hi IFC! There’s a little-known Colombian airline that recently began operations in February 2022 called Ultra Air and so far their launch has been a success, already serving seven airports domestically within Colombia and with plans to expand to several others and eventually to international destinations such as Quito, Miami, and others. They operate an all-A320 fleet and I like their paint scheme which seems quite similar to fellow LCC easyJet’s with the orange theme, colored engines, rear fuselage stripe, etc. It’ll definitely help diversify the sky in Infinite Flight as currently we only have Avianca, the Army Caravan, and sort of LATAM to represent Colombia in the simulator. Hope you like this livery and up and coming airline!

About Ultra Air: Ultra Air - Wikipedia

About the Airbus A320: Airbus A320 family - Wikipedia


This looks like a fun livery to fly! I would love to see this added. :)

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Not a bad choice, I never see this commercial plane

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This is a cool Airline I will vote for it

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Thanks for voting my friend :)

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You’re welcome

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They already added the callsing, the plane is missing. Hopefully we will have this airline



Yes it would definitely be nice! I also made the request for the callsign to be added haha. We’re 1 for 2!

It’s so nice this OMG😍

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Yes it is! Thanks for voting :)