Ultimate SoCal Round Flight!

I and some others are doing a rather long trip around SoCal On Friday 19th at around MidNight!
We will all be flying together, So if anyone else wants to join you’re more than welcome.
P.s Time is slightly flexible if it doesn’t suit anyone😉

The flight will begin at KLAX terminal 2 and we will make our way down to KNUC. Instead of crowding in the spots there, we will have an immediate takeoff after everyone lands. We will make our way east to KSAN and park for some cool pictures if you want. We will takeoff towards KPSP and then up to KSMO were we will have a short flight back to KLAX.
I will setup every flight plan for each route we take along with help from @BBJMAX


Maybe we could stop at KONT. It would be a nice flight through the mountains from KPSP and would set us up for a nice flight to KSMO.

oh yeah. Totally forgot! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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I can do any time from around 7:30pm - 1:00am and 9am-11am GMT. That is 8 hours ahead of PST

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I thought about going right up north to KEDW and KWJF but that might cross the line-The flight would take a long time!

Were going to start at MidNight! So you should be okay😉

yeah i think everyone will be done by the time we reach KLAX

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Midnight PTS or ETS

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But that is PST right? So that would be 8am GMT

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If That’s okay!

I live on the east coast. where do you live in terms of time @BBJMAX

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I’m in the UK So GMT+1

I have all night though!

ok. 3:30 GST is my latest so can someone do the math to see when I would be flying. I am not good with time

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Guys I have just had some bad news…Kind of a family emergency…I won’t be able to make it! Sorry-Do you want to do it next friday-Or do you want to do it tomorrow as well -if it goes well do it again?

I can make it anytime around 8-10:30AM NZST and 4:30-8:00PM tomorrow.
I’m around 12-16 hours ahead of you guys so… yeah.

I can lead tomorrow and we can do it again next Friday.
Good luck with the emergency :wink:

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Thanks a lot!

See you all there last night was a blast