Ultimate SoCal Round Flight-IFEP Event

Ultimate SoCal Round Trip!

This saturday we will have our Premier Event To Showcase IFEP To the Community.
These are the details.

Event:IFEP Premier Showcase Event/Ultimate SoCal Round Flight!
Region:Southern California
Time:12.00AM/Midnight GMT+1
Aircraft:Boeing 737-700 Southwest 2015 Livery!
*We will be flying in a Straight Line behind one another in Formation.
*We will Fly through the mountains on the KPSP-KONT Leg of the flight.
*We will Have 10-15 Minute Rest Breaks at KSAN and KPSP and a shorter one at KONT!(When we stop at KSAN We will take some cool pics!)
*The event organisers are Me,Owen Lewis and King Black
*It will be on the Advanced Server and so the ATC Playground Crew will join as pilots for this event.
*Any Admin Type issues please contact Alec Patterson(Chief Admin)
*A Public Topic will be posted with further details before the Event
Thanks again guys!😀😉✈️
Any questions please ask.


If you have any questions please ask @King_Black @BBJMAX or @Owen_Lewis.

By The Way Guys this topic is old!

Don’t hesitate to ask any questions!

And feel free to join even if you are not a member of the crew!😀✈️😉

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KSMO - KLAX sounds like a really short flight :wink:

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We are doing it for the Mountain flight path. :wink:

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Plus it will be a nice end to the flight. A change from flying the usual longer routes!

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Is this an IF sponsored event? For the moderator: If sponsored how do I get approval to post self generated events on this site?

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Just post your events.

IFEP is created by the OP and AFAIK, anyone can create an event.

Best, Boeing707


No,This is a community based and organized event, especially for members of IFEP. But as i said, everyone is welcome to join in!😀😉✈️

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ok see you all there…

Events: “Use the category to announce, promote and discuss all your Infinite Flight events.”

So yes, everyone can do their own events here

Thank you for the response Sean. Next time I’ll read the rules more closely. Regards, Max Sends

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So do we takeoff properly or do we all takeoff at the same time and what speed and altitude are we flying at and what percentage of load should the plane have

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Here is an event that is happening today.

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We will announce this on the friday and remind everyone else again just before the event!

This is as me and the event organizers are busy with other things, but we are trying our best to work something out ASAP!
Thanks again

I might well go!

SkyTeam event just started!