Ultimate guide for landings...

Hey guys.

So, I wanted to let you know a fast way to get landings and also a cool way to LEARN how to land, cause that’s what we all ultimately want.

For this purposes, I’d recommend the A320 (or any plane that fits in the following airport).

So, spawn in SAZR (Santa Rosa Airport). Take off heading north (there is only one runway, so…should be easy) and ad the waypoints KUBSI and SRZ027.

Flight plan: KUBSI, SRZ027, SAZR.

ALT should be 3000 ft, SPD 220/240 kts.

Once reaching KUBSI, reduce speed to 180 and deploy flight spoilers and full flaps. This will help the plane make a more close turn, due to speed…

Once you’re on final alignment you have approximately 3:30 mins ETE, so start going down by -1000 VSP and moderate if you think you’re too high or low. Reduce speed by 170 to 140 kts while approaching.

If you wanna turn on APPR at this point that’s cool. But landing here is SO easy its pointless, to be honest.

Remember to butterize at all possible times…

Hint: it took me a couple of hours to make +25 landings.

A coupe of hours? It’s a good guide yes. But i could get 30 landings in 20 minutes going into casual in a citation doing pattern work…


Great guide, however, I have one question. Why wouldn’t you just do pattern work?

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I don’t think the spoilers will help you turn. While they due induce drag to slow you down, they also decrease lift which is what makes you turn when you tilt.

Absolutely true. However, spoilers should ONLY be deployed right before arriving to the first waypoint as altitude is maintained by the AP.

I actually don’t know what pattern work is, im from argentina and my English and aviation knowledge is limited…

This is a Traffic Pattern.
It’s used to practice landings using touch and goes and is integral in aviation in general.

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Doing circles around the airport, landing every time.

Please never do them in a commercial airliner.

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I spawn at Frankfurt and takeoff on 7R and make a sharp turn and touch and go on 25R I get one landing a minute out of it

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MaxSez: Just starting in IF or stumped by some aviation tech trivia, download this free PDF from faa.gov ;
“The Pilot’s Handbook of Aeronutical Knowdledge” FAA-H-8083-25".
Welcome and Good Luck neighbor . Max Sends

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