Ultimate Destination of 0° heading

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Let’s suppose I took off from an airport like Dublin and made my autopilot setting to 0° heading. So, the flight would have been towards the north, right? What would happen to the trajectory of the direction of the flight when it eventually crosses the north pole with the autopilot heading still on, I wonder?

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I think you would need to have a magnetic heading of 0 to do that.

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Your auto pilot would want to keep flying north, so you enter an eternal circle around the pole.


…and it would simply circumscribe the said circle?

Why not give it a shot and see what happens? Then report your findings!


I don’t know why this logic is hard to rationalize in ones mind , to necessitate creating a topic of it.


Im just going to leave it like this. IF’s heading is magnetic heading (show mag heading and true heading and you’ll see). 0º Mag heading is not the Northpole but somewhere in Yukon, Canada. In real flights over this area pilots switch to True Heading in their flight system to avoid confusing the flight computer.


Well, actually, I’m kind of intrigued. I’d try it myself, but Lusaka is having some power problems. Please do say what you find.

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If that’s the case, then what happens when you reach that point?

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