Ultimate all day, running in the background like TV ..

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I don’t understand this post. :P

Trying to post in plane spotting! It’s 4k Resolution and four hours long. If it’s inappropriate I’ll delete the post. Sorry

Oh, I get it. :)

The video didn’t load up for me.

This your video?

If it isn’t then pls. move to RWA :). Soptting is for your own photos

Very interesting quality video don’t delete it, I’ll watch it on TV, some of them switch on the landing lights before runway not even about to enter. Some switch it on once lined-up, everybody do checklist in diff places. Funny sometime you hear train in the background and aircraft rolling on the runway, it goes with it :D

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Not his, https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVnqrQKLcyWannQzi_ambXw

I didn’t claim any credit, nor do I expect any credit for the video!! Should be quite obvious I was just trying to share from unbelievable amounts of public domain content, hope you enjoy it as much as I did.