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Howdy! I am looking for a ULH flight around 16-18 hours. I have already done SIN-EWR, PER-LHR, AKL-DOH,DXB-LAX,DOH-LAX,AUH-LAX,SFO-SIN, IAH-SYD, DFW-SYD, and even SYD-LHR😂. I would like it to be on a plane and livery that is in IF. Thank you!!


You could try NZAA-KORD with the Air New Zealand 787-9 which is 15 hours

Qantas is starting YBBN-KORD soon too which would be ULH

Or CYVR-YSSY with the Air Canada 777-200LR which is around 15 hours


I do ULH flights with a 787 with full fuel. Even though it’s fictional, TNCM-RKSO will give you a good 18 or so hours.

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OTHH-SBGL with the Qatar 777-200LR is around 16 hours

KSFO-VIDP with the Air India 777-200LR is around 17.5-18 hours

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I’ve flown from VIDP-KSFO, and within this week completing the journey back!
InfiniteFlight_2019-06-07-19-53-41 InfiniteFlight_2019-06-07-19-56-28 InfiniteFlight_2019-06-07-19-57-51 beautiful views.,… yes I did slightly overrun the flight.


Try Flying Bogota (BOG/SKBO) - Jakarta (CGK/WIII). The flight is the longest flight in the world by greater circle distance, at a whopping 10,710 nm (approx. flight time 24H 30M).

Possible aircraft choices include the A380 or B748. I doubt any other aircraft could make it.

Second Longest Route : Philadelphia (PHL/KPHL) - Perth (PER/YPPH) 10,085 NM // 23:15

Third Longest Route : Christchurch (CHC/NZCH) - Madrid (MAD/LEMD) 10,025 NM // 22:45


Forgot to mention I have also done sfo to vidp

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If you want some realistic flights, I have a few I can suggest.

Delhi to San Francisco (around 15 hours; Air India 77L)

San Francisco to Delhi (around 17 hours because of Pakistan’s airspace closure; Air India 77L)

Dubai to San Francisco (around 16 hours Emirates A388)

San Francisco to Dubai (around 16 hours Emirates A388)

San Francisco to Melbourne (around 15 hours Qantas 789)


Just realized you’ve done SFO-DEL, ignore that ;)

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I’ve done dxb to sfo and I’ve done sfo to syd but not sfo Mel so I’ll consider it!

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I think I’m going to recreate Eva air’s 78x delivery and go from Charleston to Taipei

Don’t forget KLAX-OMAA with the Etihad 777-300ER which is ~16 hours long!

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I’ve done that but the other way around. I’ll consider it tho

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CYVR-VIDP is ~16 hours with the Air Canada 787-9

You could also try longest aircraft flights like Norwegian’s 737-800 flight from EIDW-KPVD (~7 hours) or Copa’s 737-800 which flies MPTO-SUMU which takes around 7 hours


Try the Nairobi, Kenya -New York route (HKJK-KJFK) on the Kenya airways 787, callsign KQ2. HD scenery the whole way. Since you are traveling westbound that flight takes minimum 14 hours.

Tel Aviv to Los Angeles

El Al 787

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