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Departing SIN for JFK. Any advice to make it there?

make sure to step climb to conserve fuel

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got that. starting at either FL290 or FL310

I would do FL320

Turn your brightness ALL the way down, and point your camera at something dark grey or black.

Step climbing, brightness and sufficient airflow for your device.

Step climb when you become lighter but only climb at 300-500fpm and go up either 1000-2000ft.

Lowering your brightness will help keep your device from running hot, and aiming a camera at the sky during flight will lower the risk of the game closing. This is because when looking in the sky, there is far less things to render in which will allow the device to run better.

Sufficient airflow is a big one, the airflow around the device will keep it cool, I usually have my device on my desk near a window, and while I am away, I open the window allowing air in and out keeping not only my room cool but also keeping my device cool.

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Actually, 310 is ideal as he’s heading what I believe is eastbound. RSVM flight altitudes are below:

Flights heading east do FL290, 310, 330, 350, 370, 390, 410.

Flights heading west do FL300, 320, 340, 360, 380, 400.

There’s also CVSM flight rules which is generally the same thing, just a bit more to explain.


Yeah my dads a pilot for SWA so I know a little about that. I believe @Kamryn is right.
Plus, thats what I’m doing en-route right now.

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Towards the west, fly in even numbers. 320, 340, 360 etc. Towards the east, fly in odd numbers. 310, 330, 350 etc. Also 290 or 310 is a bit too low. If you are over 75% load, start at 320, if below that load start at 340. That’s what I usually do.

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Landed in JFK after 17 HRS 45 MINS of flight time.
Thanks for the help everyone, thats my longest flight yet!!!
Love yall,
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Also will be able to cook some food on the back of your device while flying! 🤣

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