Ukrainian Group Flight @ UKBB 170800ZFEB20

Summary: We will fly out of the most amazing country in Europe, As a Ukrainian born I really noticed that Ukraine was not getting much attention. So I decided to host this fly-out to get people to fly.

Server: Training Server.

Airport: UKBB Will be our start location and I want to fly to Odessa UKOO.

Time:170800ZFEB20 (If the ZULU Time is off I plan for this to be on FEB14 1 PM EST

I really want people to come and enjoy some short Ukrainian flying.

                              |Aircraft: B737-900 Ukrainian Airlines|
                              |Gates: We will use the D gates so D1 to D20,
                              |only gates D1-D11L are gates the rest are Remote Stands|

I will add more gates if needed, And if this goes well I might make a flight all around Ukraine so dont let this flop.

Дякуємо і побачимося незабаром.
Даниїл Рудей.


The time in the title is unreadable. Please check the formatting of it.

Listen man, I never will understand ZULU time.

As @Tsumia said, title format is wrong. Should be 140800ZFEB20

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Happy to see events taking place in new undiscovered areas. Awesome thread. Way to go!

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But do add proper date and time and add few NOTAMS (if any) to prevent confusion during the event.

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Not many just fly normally, And dates times are there?

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I meant putting it is proper IFC format so that users can view it easily and the time is converted into their timezone automatically. For eg.


Can I join

Wont be able to join Friday morning wont help me

Hell yes what gate you want? 1-10?

Any chance it could be the 15th?

I though about rescheduling to the 17 just so more people join and ima do that.

Gate 10 please

Ight thanks for joining I changed the date to the 17.

I suggest making a table with all the gates so we know who’s gate is who’s 😂

Do you wanna fly?

Can’t, it’s happening right before school for me.

So please leave my first fly-out alone.

I’m trying to make it organised and make it a good first flyout. Chill.

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