UkraineAir 737-900 | UKBB>EGLL | Busy London

Hi Everyone

Todays flight is onboard Ukraine Air International from their hub in Kiev to London onboard their 737-900 cause as it turns out, I still haven’t shared any flights I’ve done in 737s. Anyway, today we fly through the windy skies of Europe and the busy London airspace, both at London and at Kiev we experience a cross-wind takeoff/landing.

Flight Information
Server – Expert
Flight time 3h20 Approx
Aircraft – UkraineAirInternational 737-900ER
Callsign – UR-PSI
Average Cruise – FL320 > FL350 > FL370 at Mach 0.80

Loading passengers at Kiev’s terminal D.

Rolling down RWY18L.

Positive rate, Gear up!

We’ve reached our cruising altitude now… its very windy up here.

Descending into London now… Lots of traffic over here. (ATC was at London on this day)

On final on runway RWY27L at Heathrow.

Short Final now…

Not the smoothest but I’ll take it!

Vacated the runway, cleaned the wings and taxiing to the gate.

Ladies and Gentleman, Welcome to London!

Thanks for joining me through the windy skies of Europe and the busy skies of London.

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I definitely recommend checking out my previous post, there are lots of nice pictures and please feel free to comment below what you thought about this flight or post.

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Some very nice pictures, especially this one here! You managed to capture the B737 from the right angles and it really looks good. Thanks for sharing!