Ukraine International Airlines Virtual | The Blue and Yellow from Kyiv | Official Thread 2021

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Hello, I’m Ex. I am the founder and CEO of Ukraine International Airlines Virtual. Coming from the port city of Odesa, Ukraine, I’ve always had a passion for aviation, and I joined infinite flight in 2017. In December 2020, I’ve noticed that no VA was representing Ukraine, which prompted me to begin working on UIAV.

Five months later, Ukraine International received its certification from the IFVARB. UIAV is the proud official flag carrier of Ukraine on Infinite Flight, and we hope that you fly among us in the virtual skies!

Ukraine International Airlines Virtual strives for professionalism and high quality, UIA Virtual looks to assist and improve the abilities of new pilots. We aim to provide realistic service out of Kyiv Boryspil to Europe, Asia, North Africa, and North America and organize a large variety of events ranging from evacuation flights to cargo missions and hot tourist getaways.​

Position Name Position Holder Position Description
CEO @TheExDid_HD Head of the airline, ensure that everything is running smoothly internally and externally
COO @Kyles.aviation Manage the daily operations of the VA, assist the CEO, and oversee all of the departments
Head Flight Instructor Vacant Manage and administer all written and practical exams to all new incoming pilots, as well as performing checkrides, and assisting members with any inquiries they may have
Head of Human Resources @AviationChampion Manage all incoming applications, inactivity notices, and verifying flight logs
Recruiter Vacant Manage the IFC thread, answer any questions, invite new pilots and find codeshare partners when needed
Social Media Manager Vacant Manage the UIA Virtual Instagram and choose photos to publish there and to our IFC

Simply click here to apply via the IFVARB website

  • Must be 13 years of age
  • Must be Grade 3 on Infinite Flight
  • Must have a Pro subscription on Infinite Flight
  • Must be TL1 on the Infinite Flight Community
  • Must have a Discord account (you may create one here: )
  • Must have a clean behavior record and not be on the IFVARB blacklist
  • Must not be staff in another VA (Only if you wish to apply for a staff position)

Embraer 190
Boeing 737-300 (Subbed out by 737-700)
Boeing 737-900ER
Boeing 767-300ER
Boeing 777-200ER



Full Route Network Spreadsheet

Rank Required Flight Time Number of Events Attended Permitted to
Licensed Pilot 0 Hours 0 Embraer E190
Second Officer 10 Hours 1 Boeing 737-700
First Officer 25 Hours 3 Boeing 737-900ER
Captain 75 Hours 5 Boeing 767-300ER
Senior Captain 150 Hours 7 Boeing 777-200ER
Commander 250 Hours 10 1.25 Hour Multiplier
Aeronaut 400 Hours 15 Panorama Club Sapphire

Like the real-life loyalty program, Panorama Club Virtual Program was created with the goal for UIAV to give back to its valued pilots. Pilots who reach 400 hours are automatically admitted to Panorama Club Sapphire. Additionally, those who Nitro Boost our Discord server and those who win competitions or giveaways are admitted to Panorama Club Gold*.

Club membership comes with a variety of perks and benefits:

  • 1.50 hour multiplier
  • Priority gate and takeoff slot assignment
  • Exclusive Discord role
  • Exclusive Discord channel
  • Shoutout on this thread
  • Choice of picking event locations [Once a month, one event location would be the public’s choice while another would be club members’ choice]
  • Private events (Sapphire only)

*Panorama Club Gold membership lasts exactly one month unless the Nitro Boost is renewed for another month.

More codeshares coming soon!


Congrats on IFVARB approval! Looks great!


Nice thread, congrats on your approval! We’re glad to be one of your partners!

Founder & President
Saudia Virtual


Congratulations on the approval, Ukraine Virtual! Looking forward to see your VA prosper!


Thank you for the kind messages!

Glad to have a codeshare with you too!


Really nice thread, congrats on your approval!

Air Europa Virtual


Magnificent thread! I love it :)

For the record, if anyone has questions I’d be glad to help!


Yeah, its a nice VA

Right back at ya ;)

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Congratulation!!! Verg very good!🌹

Hm, hello :)


We recently received several new applications. If you wish to apply as of right now, please send us a PM, as our application is temporarily unable to take submissions. Thank you for understanding.

You might want to update this :)

Can I join this VA? I’m 13 years old.
actually I also want to resonate with @AF-KLM_VA But I’m not allowed even though there are people who are 13 years old, I think AFKLM is unfair, or maybe those who are underage there are family members of the staff :(

You want to join as staff or just a pilot?

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