Ukraine Airlines Is Getting 777-200's!

Ukraine Air International is starting service to New York and Beijing as of March with 777-200s the Have a fleet of 767s, 737, and E-190s. They have economy and business class on their 767s. The Economy configuration is a tight 8 abreast, and Business is 2-2-2. It is exciting to see them get new planes! It is interesting to think of what their Business will be. Will it be redesigned? Will it be a 2-3-2 configuration?? They hopefully will be able to increase their route network to somewhere farther. There isn’t much info on their planes but here is a website with a bit more info:


Isn’t the -200 quite old though


It is, but its still in production. I thought if they were to get a new airplane they would get a 787; its a little smaller but its nicer and has more range in some cases.


-200s are much cheaper, for an airline like Ukraine the -200 is better.


That is true. After all they are going for density, not luxury!

It isn’t just that the 777-200 unit cost is 250 million USD, the 787 is nearly the same, seats fewer passengers, has a long waiting time, and more.

For a smaller, less profitable airline, the 777-200 is the better bet.


It is a step up for Ukraine Airlines! But what not the 767ER’s, instead of the 777s (Non ER or LR).

EDIT: nvm, sorry this necroposting, already figured it out

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