UK traffic

Not sure if anyone saw this but there is a neat visualization of the #atc traffic over the UK.


Just had a watch! That’s amazing! So much traffic. Hats off the ATC for getting all of these flights down safely.

2.5 million flights in UK airspace every year! Jeez, that is heaps!

Thanks for sharing this! Really interesting!

Really neat! I wonder if it is the busiest airspace in a square mile radius. For example flights in China are just ridiculous. It looks like a skeleton on FR24. Also LAX, ONT, BUR, PSP, SAN, and LGB look very hectic at times during the day.

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Corgi is much surprised


Awesome video! It’s neat to see how the traffic from all the different airports is kept separate. The particularly tortured SID’s and STARS for London City come through really clearly.

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