UK NATS Charts

Just a general pointer/tip for anyone flying in the UK:

NATS is the UK atc provider and they run all the planning of the uk airspace boundries, airport charts and approaches, departures etc.

They publish all of these charts on their website where you can get PDFs of every uk airport, get ILS approaches, SIDS and STARS. You can get them along with loads of other really useful info via this link!

eAIS Package United Kingdom

(I just quite like printing them off as it adds a sense of realism and also is very helpful)!

And these charts can also be used in real life - so if your a real life pilot you can always use them! :)


These charts are actually really great and well accessible. Same goes for France and Spain charts as well, which can be found rather well to. Thanks for sharing!

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Ikr - their brilliant!! All very useful! :)

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