UK Joins Canada Against Boeing Over Bombardier Investigation File


I just found this ad ( on a youtube video I was watching. This ad lead me to a page ( on Boeing’s website about it’s commitment to Canada which includes a ‘get to know the facts’ section on the whole dispute. I highly suggest you take some time to read this page and write your thoughts below.

I found this article from not long ago about Boeing, which is quite interesting.

My thoughts.
Boeing says that the CSeries is in direct competition to the 737, which is true, but it had nothing to do with Delta deal.
Boeing states " In fact, the CS100 and 737-700 have already competed directly in a 2015-2016 competition — a campaign that Boeing won, but only after sharply reducing its prices in order to compete with Bombardier’s subsidized pricing. And even Bombardier does not dispute that the CS300 competes head to head with the 737-700 and MAX7."

Boeing reduced their prices cheaper than Bombardier’s, but how could they do this? With the help of subsidizes!


Boeing abandoned CSeries talks weeks before US duties imposed.

Apparently Boeing and Bombardier were ACTUALLY close to making a deal, interesting.


Bombardier seems to be doing fine in Q3 despite Boeing feud.


Check out this video from Wendover Productions about this issue. Airbus has taken a 50.1% stake in the C-Series program


Bombardier has received it’s first orders in ages for the CSeries. Bombardier is also looking for some orders at the Dubai Airshow so keep an eye out!


I mean, that is also ignoring the defence contracts er, subsidies that Boeing receives from the American government, tax incentives from the states they work in, etc. Not saying it is good in either case, but the hypocrisy is infuriating.


Amazing news coming from Bombardier!

First Story:
Bombardier’s Belfast plan is hoping to become a supplier of Airbus!

Second Story:
Bombardier is said to be nearning a deal worth 1.1 BILLION with EgyptAir for about 45 CS300 jets!
This is the second piece of news concerning CSeries orders this month!


EgyptAir has officially signed a LOI to buy 12 CS300’s with an option of 12 more.

Right now, Boeing is the only one who has lost from the Airbus-Bombardier deal, but that could change soon…


Not so much about CSeries, but Bombardier has also attracted 2 orders for it’s Q400. People are seeing renewed strength in Bombardier!


Bombardier is ADDING 1000 jobs!

A nice article on why the deal happened!


This is probably old news but I’ll post it anyways.

The EU is backing Bombardier in their trade dispute with Boeing.


So heres what I understand (I’m a kid so idk much about this stuff): Bombardier wants american airlines (not literally American Airlines) to buy this plane so they gave Delta the Cs at a really cheap price. They were selling these planes at a loss and Boeing filed a dumping petition with the US Department of Commerce. Then they placed a 300% tariff on the plane. After that Airbus teamed up with Bombardier and now they can build the Cs on Airbus’s final assembly line in Mobile, Alabama to avoid the tariff. Am I correct?


Yes perfect summary!
However many still think because Bombardier is Canadian based they want the American made planes taxed because the company that makes them isn’t American.


You’re forgetting about NAFTA. Free trade between Canada, US, and Mexico. So they weren’t getting taxed anyways in the first place.

@HEYEY I’m not sure that was the rationale behind the lower price as Delta wasn’t looking at Boeing as an alternative for the CS100. But they did want to up their game in the American market. Boeing filed a complaint and also said that the reason they could sell it at that price was because of gov’t subsidies (which isn’t true, it was a loan). But perfect summary there you have.


Boeing has now lost a SIX BILLION DOLLAR order for Super Hornets from the Canadian Government! The Gov’t official scrapped interested in the Super Hornets a couple days ago. Last fall the Gov’t said that they intended to buy Super Hornets to replace their aging CF-18’s in the RCAF. Then this happened, and Justin Trudeau said they won’t buy aircraft from a company that is busy trying to sue us, back in September or October. He has now actually followed up on this. Earlier this year when Boeing announced the complaint, Canadian gov’t officials met with Lockheed Martin at the Paris Airshow.


"The situation has been further complicated by Boeing’s traditional rival, Airbus, who recently bought Bombardier’s C-Series program for just one dollar."
What am I reading this correctly


So the USDOC has ruled in favour of Boeing (duh), but has lowered the tariffs to 292.21% (big deal)! Before this was announced it was reported that Canada may take this whole dispute to the WTO (good move). ITC ruling coming in February.


How can someone hate opposition so much? Boeing should make a better 737-700 if they want to compete.


Well it seems no one has posted about it yet.

I can see both sides of the issue though neither Boeing or Airbus have planned for any other aircraft for the 100 seat market. I’m surprised Boeing never planned for an aircraft to replace their MD 8x/9x/717.

This also after the September WTO ruling calling ~$30B in illegal subsidies to Airbus


Boeing isn’t a saint either. They are just as bad in receiving subsidies and they were involved in a lot of corruption back in the day with government contracts. Seems they still are after Airbus won the contract to supply tankers only for the government to say actually Boeing making their own one which doesn’t yet exist would be cheaper (spoiler IT WASNT) Boeing gets protected way too much.