UK Joins Canada Against Boeing Over Bombardier Investigation File


Nice, and I feel the C Series will fit really well into Airbus’ lineup with those cockpit shades 😁


Oh, the stupidity and greed of Boeing right now is just shocking. If they can’t have fair competition with other manufacturers, I can not support them anymore. It will be a huge loss for Boeing, now that Bombardier has partnered with Airbus. It’s their fault they didn’t have a viable plane for the 100-150 seat market. Should’ve kept the 717.


COMAC and Bombardier have already collaborated on CSeries and C919.


This is truly amazing to see!! As I said, this means Airbus will give Bombardier full backing with production, supply etc and they have confirmed just that!



Boeing’s real sweet tweets.


What’s funny is they are going to make the plane in mobile to avoid it and Airbus have been consulting with legal teams. I’m sure Bombardier will find a way around this childish behaviour.


Lolz that’s what corporate tantrums look like folks. Lesson to Boeing: No one likes a snitch.

I think Airbus will grow rather fond of it’s new adopted son - I could easily see the C Series order book doubling within 18 months, if not sooner.


Question Time!
Will this deal increase the likelihood of CS500 actually being launch in the near future?

Articles for info

Yes: There is a high demand for aircraft with similar size to the 737-8 and A320neo. Event though it would compete with the A320neo, some airlines in need for aircraft of this size have backed Bombardier in the dispute with Boeing, click here for more info.

No: The CS500 competes with the A320neo and Airbus cannot afford this competition. People in need of aircraft this size can buy the A320neo.

Will the CS500 become a thing?
  • Yes
  • No

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I don’t think it will, why would Airbus want to build an aircraft that competes with their 319/320 NEOs?


So basically Boeing is jealous of Cessna and doesn’t want to admit it. Right


Will Bombardier ever regain control of the CSeries, or will Airbus buy out the entire thing?

  • Bombardier regains control of CSeries program…eventually.
  • Airbus buys out entire CSeries program.
  • No change from now.
  • Go Boeing!

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Look, I know one thing for a fact. Bombardier will definitely bring this up with Airbus and both companies will discuss this possibility. The end result, is yet to come, and we don’t know when it’ll come.


I’d be surprised if airbus buys of the whole thing.
That would close one of the two assembly lines they are opening.


I think they have invested in the program as they don’t have any aircraft competing with the C Series, I’m not sure if it would be a good idea to have a plane competing with your own.


The CS500 is already a thing, it’s been in discussion for quite a while now, since 2015 actually.

@Chatta290, yes, what your saying is right, to some extent.
I’d like to highlight this paragraph from the Toronto Star Article that was posted earlier.

Credit Suisse analyst Robert Spingarn, though, said in a note that a larger “CS500” version of the C Series overlapping more directly with Boeing models will most likely be developed to “negate the need for Airbus to develop a shrunk variant of the next-generation, clean-sheet A320 replacement.”

No, Robert Spingarn is not Canadian, and has no collaboration with Bombardier, Airbus, or the Star, whatsoever.

Question: Why would Airbus need a A320 replacement?
Answer: Boeing may need to launch a 737 replacement sooner than expected now

Question: What technology will be used to fight Boeing with their NMA?
Answer: CSeries technology! Airbus will very likely use CSeries technology in their NMA to compete against Boeing.

Plus, demand of 737-8 & A320 size aircraft is extremely high.

And almost all of the designs for the CS500 would come from Bombardier, as they pretty much have a sketch for it, as they’ve been investing in the idea for quite a while.


Yes, but Airbus just bought the CS project, why would a company build an aircraft that directly competes with the selection they already offer?


If you don’t cannibalize yourself, someone else will. The A320 NEO is overkill for some short-haul mission requirements. The 737-7.5/A319.5 space has never seen an aircraft that is stretched into the segment, most offerings are shrinks and have too much payload and range. I think the CS500 is a potentially compelling product for airlines that do not need 6-8 hours of range for their A319/A320s.


You know the CS300 has like an 8-10 hour range?
On the CS300 maiden delivery flight to AirBaltic in Riga, it flew direct from Montreal-YMX to Stockholm-ARN (as an overnight stop was required to ensure a morning delivery in Riga), and when it landed in Stockholm, it had over 5 TONS of fuel left, enough to fly past Moscow.

The CS500 range will probably be similar to this, or even better.


Empty and loaded fuel burn differs wildly, fuel burn in normal operations is likely to be much higher. The CS-100 is apparently able to make LCY-JFK with 45 passengers, that’s a 7-ish hour flight. Once you throw in more passengers, cargo, and additional fuselage/structural weight, you won’t have 8-10 hours of range in the CS-300. The CS-500 is just a simple stretch, cheap, easy, and trades capability for payload.