UK Joins Canada Against Boeing Over Bombardier Investigation File


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The UK is now threatening Boeing with their defence contracts. This is getting interesting.

“Michael Fallon, the UK defence secretary, stepped up the government’s rhetoric, warning that Boeing’s assault on Bombardier “could jeopardise” its chances of securing government contracts.”


Well, I don’t want to insult you, as I respect your opinion, but guess who also gets subsidies to sell their aircraft too, Boeing! Who also has no direct competition to the CS100, you guessed it, Boeing!


I’m going to make a non-bashing and non-political, statement on what I think will happen

The Super Hornet orders will NOT happen. Even the battle ends up in favour of Bombardier, Canada will NOT buy from Boeing whatsoever. As Trudeau said “We won’t do business with a company that’s busy trying to sue us and trying to put our aerospace workers out of business”. Here is another battle won by Lockheed-Martin, considering that Canada will most likely buy F-35’s, which I am really looking forward too! I think the F-35 will be a great replacement and will last 30+ years as opposed to 10 or less years from the Super Hornets them being an ‘interim’ replacement.


I’m going to explictly state my stand:

  • I’m neither from US nor Canada nor UK
  • I’m an Airbus guy

Regardless, I’ll give my take on this in the least biased way as I can possibly make it:

Firstly, Boeing is not in the position to claim that Bombardier is having “unfair competition”. This is because it does not have any planes in direct competition with the CS series (planes of capacity 100-150), the only plane they had which would have been affected was the B717 which halted production at least a decade ago. To call Bombardier being an unfair competitor serves no justice to Bombardier. Its like Apple trying to tax Samsung for the new S30 or whatever copying their iPhone 3. Sure Samsung makes it now but Apple is not even in the small phone market to be even come close to competing with Samsung’s new phone.

Secondly, I would like to reiterate that funds from Quebec were loans. Loans, unlike gifts or sponsorships, need to be returned. $5 from your uncle to help you fix a phone and sell it for $2 doesnt mean that eventually you’ll have to find your own means to return the $5.

Thirdly, to those who mentioned “competition is good”, this is not competition. If you define this as competition at play, we would have people breaking Usain Bolt’s legs using the reason of “he was running too fast” to justify. To add on, breaking his legs wont even help if your competition is swimming. When you’re shooting down your competition there is no “competition”.

Lastly, I’m pretty sure every country has interests in its own companies doing well. No harm done in loaning your country’s company to help them do well. I’m sure people can always dig out cases where Boeing and even Airbus have been bailed out by their respective owner countries.

I’ld recommend people have a look at more than 1 article from all around the world. Whatever are your beliefs, facts cannot be fought against. Please steer away from touchy topics when leaving a reply.

Please leave your arguments for PM. I’ll be glad to entertain your queries.


This is really getting crazy. Why can’t Boeing act professional?


Some food for thought for people who believe in “justice” and “due process” in resolving this dispute.

People fail to realize that there is no prior precedent of tariffs being levied at this level for aircraft, or anything from a non-communist country. 220% is usually reserved for Chinese-subsidized steel.

International trade negotiations is a dirty, dirty arena. There is no such thing as “due process” when it can be ignored. As much as I want to deal with clean-cut facts and clear decisions, it’s 500 shades of political grey.


Here’s a two tweets from Bombardier.


Another 80% tax has been levied on the CSeries, totallying 300%.


That’s outrageous.

EDIT: Forget my analogy, its too confusing and doesn’t really fit the situation


Except they aren’t importing it into the US, and they don’t sell you a big mac for a dollar. Those are the things that you are missing.


The U.K. is scaling back its defense budget as evidence by the annoced layoffs at Eurofighter due to lack of orders. If people are not buying fighter jets it’s more about dollars/pounds/euros/loonies than trade disputes.


Go Commonwealth! Lol


No mentioning of politics of identity please 🙂


Two articles you should read.


Agreed, boeing is very unprofessional, i honeslty due hope they do!


The Bombardier Q400 could soon be the Airbus Q400.
Who will come out strong in the end?

Why Airbus is needed.


Yeah there won’t be an Airbus Q400. Not gonna happen.


BREAKING: Airbus just acquired a majority stake in the CSeries. Looks like the battle between David vs. Goliath is now between 2 Goliaths.



Airbus to ‘Partner’ with Bombardier in CSeries. Airbus buys majority stake in CSeries program.
Official Bombardier press release.

Official Airbus press release.

Here are a bunch of other news sources.