UK Joins Canada Against Boeing Over Bombardier Investigation File


I’m interested to see if Air Canada keeps or delays their orders for the 737 Max given the political climate.


Basically Boeing is becoming a bully. Other aircraft developers are becoming bigger so Boeing isn’t getting the fame anymore so what the solution? Get salty. I’m of saying Boeing is bad though. I really don’t want some Boeing fans chasing after me


Bombardier’s Defence to Boeing:
Bombardier is saying that the 100-130 seat range is not in your current production, and that they had nothing to do with Delta deal, as they bought the CS100, which Boeing has no competition to it in their production range.


A nice article I found in the newspaper this morning. Boeing is saying that if the Super Hornet orders stay on, they will dump $18B into Canadian aerospace (not Bombardier obviously).


This is an example of… childishness from Boeing. They are like the apple of the aviation world… if only they would go back to doing what they do best, and stop making silly excuses…
To sum up,
Boeing sucks currently


PM Trudeau and PM May currently holding a press conference in Ottawa. Boeing - Bombardier issues, supposed to be addressed. Watch live! A summary of their reactions will be posted soon in a news article here.


This is not representative of a productive discussion. What you’re seeing here is an incredibly captivating and transparent example of how the global marketplace works.

When you’ve been in business for as long as Boeing has, in addition to previously being expected to fill those Hornet orders, pulling those placements out from under the rug prompts a powerful lobby.

Buckle up.


Don’t take this personally, as I am basically answering everyone with your same opinion.

Okay, so this is very simple. This whole conflict is not about childish companies. It’s not about bullying or harassment. It is a legal dispute regarding trade.
A company that did something that is illegal is a company that did something illegal, regardless of the size of the company. Everyone (including corporations) is equal to the law.


You more or less have it.
Boeing is CLAIMING that Bombardier is dumping planes and is being subsidized.
Bombardier and the Government is denying this.


Trudeau said in the press conference that they will not buy jets from a company that is busy trying to sue us and that Canada will continue to stand strong and protect their jobs. May has said that these jobs in Ireland are really important.
More info coming soon.


I don’t get why some of you are so anti boeing. Airbus and Boeing are both subsidized by their governments, according to International Law. Bombardier should be held to the same standard, it’s that simple.


MaxSez: From reading these screeds its odious that trade is not the issue, The yammer from the socialist states citizens are deafening. “Fair” is not relative when your dealing with a Keynesian theory fueled democratic state!!! “If it ain’t Boeing it ain’t Going”!

(He who hold the gold makes the rules!; its best to understand this concept when your young!)


Okay, I don’t mean to start an argument, but I don’t think this is right. There are laws that guarantee everyone with the same protection and judgment as everyone else. Everyone is equal to the law. Everyone. It’s not that if you “hold the gold” you get judged with different laws. Just a comment.

If you want to continue this, Max, we will through PM.


For those wondering why the UK is involved, Bombardier have a production facility in Northern Ireland and I believe it’s the biggest employer. Boeing claim they have a lot of business in this country but it’s nothing compared to the others


That is not “fair”! Just because a state isn’t Austrian or Classical doesn’t mean it is a communist state.
Don’t reduce this debate to a political argument, we all know how that ends


Max is quite right, actually.

You need look no further than the U.S. government to understand where lobbying and cash influence comes from. Money is a very powerful thing when dealing with trades and the international market. A lot of bills and laws in favor of companies’ practices are voted for by senators and representatives who rely on “donations” from the lobbies to win reelection.


Okay, I understand you. I thought that what Max meant is that “the one who holds the gold holds the power” is how it should be, but what you say is that he meant how it actually is.


Here’s some stuff that happened at the press conference.


Trump and Theresa probably have a better relationship then Canadians PM, maybe things will be achieved.


The phenomenon of SuperPACs and corporate lobbying is most prevalent in the US. American industry is known for lobbying for protectionist trade policies and the softwood lumber dispute is an excellent example of this lobbying. The US has repeatedly levied unlawful tariffs on softwood lumber products from Canada. “Gold” can get you to some places, but international trade law is not easily swayed by “Gold” compared to the US federal government.

In the context of the Boeing/Bombardier dispute, there is a lot of misinformation in this thread. Bombardier has very good lawyers to fight and drag this out, Boeing has very good lawyers to ensure a quick and clean decision. Boeing is not the only manufacturer to use international trade disputes to try and disrupt new aircraft. Airbus did this with the 777X. At the end of the day, these “decisions” by international committees and courts take forever and is difficult to enforce. There will likely be minimal impact on the CSeries and/or Boeing.

That being said, the lawsuit has already done its intended purpose, it has drawn out people from both sides using militant rhetoric. If Boeing cancels the 737-7MAX, their fans can blame the CSeries, no matter what the international courts say because they believe the CSeries was subsidized by a socialist government that has nothing better to do than pour money into companies. If Bombardier cancels the CSeries, their fans can blame Boeing for being predatory regardless of the court decision. It’s a PR win-win for Boeing and Bombardier even if the lawsuit ends up being lost in the system for 10-20 years.

Everyone here is fighting over nothing other than some loaded rhetoric from Boeing and the Canadian Government.