UK Joins Canada Against Boeing Over Bombardier Investigation File


It serves Boeing right they are just jealous. Very childish :/


Why are they trying to attack a tiny company compared to them, open an investigation file to airbus for idk, trying to ruin pilots jobs, they are the only competition who probably could do action.


@AndrewRG10 @Louis @Aussie_Wombat @LewisG0801 This is not about a big company bullying another company. Is a trade issue. The problem isn’t that “A big company is bothering a smaller company, that is so childish”. This isn’t a first grade playground. It’s a big company accusing a smaller company of being subsidised by the government so that they don’t have to deal with their competition. Just that.
Also, I am not an expert in this subject. I am not taking sides either.


I mean it’s Boeing…you get what you get (shrugs).
I will say I am interested that Airbus hasn’t tried to intervene. Maybe they are just smarter and know their resources are better used in forking over the A320s, A320N, A321s, and A321N especially now that more orders for the A321N have been put out in competition with MAS orders for Boeing aircraft.


This has to be one of the pettiest catfights I’ve ever seen over aircraft products. C’mon, guys. It’s the market. Competition is a healthy thing.

As far as we know, there was nothing illegal done. So be it. If someone took an economics or business class, they’d probably find themselves in the mindset to make the same decision. Business is business.


Bombardier does have the reputation of fiddling with prices to win deals. We down here also have an issue with them regarding locomotives bought by the SA government, allegations of collusion and numerous adjustment of prices for the same deal. But we ended up paying inflated prices. So, one of the political parties indicated they will approach the Canadian government and ask them to help with investigations.


Yes, that is true but, Delta was choosing between buying the 737 MAX and CSeries. So yes, Boeing suffered a loss, even though the CS100 is slightly out of their model range.

While I have to admit there is some bias from me as a Canadian, Boeing’s rationales still pretty much, the same. Boeing winning this case would cause Bombardier to suffer a great loss in Quebec, and even more so in Northern Ireland, with them holding up May’s Government. The Canadian government is also in the midst of a trade war with the US and this is just making things worse.


Please allow me one of the few pleasures life has to offer my anymore :) and let me rock my Airbus colors.


I think you made your opinion very clear from the get go.


Econ man, it’s a beautiful thing. Unless you are a Keynesian… says the Austrian schooler.


@tranquil_skyflyer… MaxSez: BALDERDASH! What a Bias post. A little class envy from a Canadian Bombardier cheerleaders is it?. Bombardier is a pipsquique in aviation manufacturing circles. It’s Headquarted in Montreal! Obviously the foundation for this nationalistic screed. Who cares! “IF IT AINT BOEING IT AINT GOING”!


I have nothing against either of them, and it’s not like people will stop buying either of their planes. Kinda funny, boings stock keeps rising, quite high too. But I think I can say boing is the big guy trying to eat the little guy, and the little guy is trying to cheat the system to stay alive and thrive.

Or maybe it’s all about politics, who knows.


Let’s make sure we are staying relatively professional here folks, nothing personal to a country, company, city etc. Let’s just share our views on the actual aviation aspects of this :)


Man I love Boeing but they shouldn’t act so childish over it they have way more successful aircraft than bombardier for example when I think of Boeing I think of the Queen of the sky’s! Bombardier on the other hand I think of the regional jet that always is delayed for technical issue


This reminds me of the Gulf carriers and U.S.A. carriers fight. The Gulf carriers are government backed just like Bomdadier and U.S.A. carriers are not just like Boeing. What Boeing is saying is that the CSeries is dumping into the US market because they are selling the plane for 19.6 million and the production of the plane 33.2 million. Now why are they selling it for this price? Because Bomdadier is government backed by Canada and Britain giving millions of dollars. I’m with Boeing in this case.



I see you have not done much research. To say QR government assistance is the same as what Bombardier got regarding government assistance as equal is a ludicrous claim. In Canada, we have government accountability laws that tell the government to tell us exactly where government money is going. I haven’t heard of money going to Bombardier to help dump capacity to the US. As I’ve said above, the interest-free loan amounting to CAD 372.4 million (yes, Bombardier has to pay the government back) does not even come close to the amount of money Bombardier is supposedly “losing” according to Boeing.

The Canadian government is giving away nothing. As a taxpayer, I would be very concerned if my government is giving away CAD 1-4 billion to some company to cover alleged losses without expectation of getting something in return. Also, where does the article say that the UK government is giving Bombardier money? They have very little interest in this matter.

There is no subsidy or cash giveaways being provided here, just a loan. It is unfortunate to see you disseminating false information about the matter at hand.


I’m just saying my thoughts based on the research that I made :)


My thought:

They both did something stupid, both Boeing and Bombardier


Presenting opinions as fact is misleading to the discussion and insinuate falsehoods as fact. It is equal to disseminating false information.

Using the Boeing affidavit as fact does not provide an objective perspective on the events. Caisse de Depot and the Quebec Government has an obligation to its customers and constituents, respectively to not throw away their money. Caisse de Depot and the Quebec government both expect a healthy profit from the CSeries program when they invested, they would not approve of the money going towards paying for discounts they cannot afford without the investment.


Idk if you noticed, but next weekend in London, ON we’ll be having an airshow. It will our nations largest display of military aviation from our country and allies to celebrate Canada’s 150th. The main sponsor of the even is Lockheed Martin, thats saying a lot (not to mention there will be F35 A and Cs there). I have a feeling there will be an announcement at the event.

If Canada will stick it to Boeing, it might be at this event…