UK is the New Western America

Good morning, IFC!

Today, I had a pleasant flight with fellow IFC member @Oskapew!
We took America West 757s from EGKK to EGCC because why not 😜

Anyways… these were taken on the expert server, and this marks my first screenshot topic with the 757!

An army of 757s at EGKK because the update just came out

And takeoff!

Some F22 boi that absolutely wanted my attention, so here you are, person!

Me and the boys chilling in downwind when an absolute madlad just cut through a few meters away from oskapew

Buttering at EGCC with a large lemon watching

Using the scenic camera because it’s underrated

Thank you!

Also thank you to the devs that added the scimitars last minute to 3 liveries because of requests :) that was a cool move!

Stay safe, wear a mask and don’t go see your grandparents if you need to cough



Why did you squawk 7500? Now he’ll fire at you!

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I was feeling lonely

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These are so cool! Congrats on passing your checkflight!

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Thank you! …and thank you again!

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It was definitely a fun flight!

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Ah yes, the classic cheat codes


That is what it is Thanks!

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What a cool flight!

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