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I’m kind of stuck on what to do for flight training in the UK. I currently live in Glasgow with the nearest ATPL school I can find being a sore 130 miles round trip. Understandably my parents don’t want me to do that. So I have a few options I can go abroad to either Ireland, The EU, and the USA. If anyone from the aforementioned countries or the UK could say their flight training experience abroad or in the country it would mean the world. Money isn’t too much of an issue however it is a factor. I’m eligible for EU citizenship when Brexit happens, if it even does.

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Ireland (My home country) is home to two flight schools, one in Kildare and one in Cork. Thought I could give this information. Cork and Kildare are quite rural so rent wouldn’t cost that much. Hope this helps! (:

If you are willing to come to the U.S.A; there are plenty of options that would get you to an ATP rating. However, before you consider any of them, you should verify a few things.

  • Do you have a first class medical certificate? If you plan on attaining an ATP, you need this.

  • Are you able to move to the U.S. in order to participate in the schooling?

  • Are you of age? Some of the things I will list below are different colleges and universities.

If you have done all of these, I recommend that you continue reading.

In the U.S. we have some university programs and regular non-school related programs. I will list these below.

  • University of North Dakota Aerospace (ATP can be achieved and a pathway into either Delta, Skywest, and a few others)

  • Embry Riddle University (ATP can be achieved at either the Arizona or Florida campus)

  • ATP Flight School (Sets you up with a pathway into subsidiaries of American, flying the Embraer fleet I think)

There are a few more, and if you need any more info about any of them, don’t hesitate to shoot me a quick PM.



The one In Cork has a Ryanair mentor ship programme so that’s my recommendation!

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Right thought you were asking for both PPL and ATPL, sorry! There are quite a lot of flight schools down here in London, CAE and L3 catching the most attention, they do take place at the commercial hubs, but are quite expensive (though you said money was not a worry)! Good luck on your journey!
Happy Flying :D

Attached a few below, they are however mostly integrated:

Also attached something from the CAA about finding a school:


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Most airlines will get a flight school for you and you pay them back with some of your salary each year.

If you want flight school, i know there is one in oxford


Thank you for the american side of things, It is super tempting just cause its something different and thank you for the info!

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