UK Depature Tax

Now plans have changed and we may be going to London or Belize. Now we are going toward Belize because it’s cheaper because London’s departure tax. That is making it less likely to go to London but my mum found some cheaper hotels on Airbnb. I am wondering why London and maybe other places in the UK have high departure Tax?

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It’s Britain they tax everything but the companies making money of us


Yeah but why so much. It makes it hard for us to go there with that high tax.

I’m not sure really but the goverment keep increasing taxes for people living in Britain anyway so maybe it’s to make more money

Maybe Maybe. Usually that is for more money. I am just hoping me mum can find a cheap hotel there.

“Cheap” hotels aren’t always a good thing unless you like bed bugs, mold, and hookers arguing with the guests all night.


There were some very nice ones that were cheaper than the $500 something dollars for four nights. But true ‘cheap things’ are usually not as high quality.

Budget hotels like Holiday Inn or Premier inn are good. They are like £80 a night but I have stayed in some nice ones that cost more and not much different and it was near embankment in London and all I could hear was loud music throughout the whole night

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If you’re looking for a cheap chain hotel in London and you enjoy planespotting I always like the London City Airport Travelodge, great location.

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Ok I’ll think 'bout it.

Just some travel advice, if you can try to avoid Heathrow, flights to there can sometimes be cripplingly expensive, try Gatwick perhaps, though it depends where you are flying from.

It’s out of LAX

Getting stuck at Heathrow would be like getting stuck in Houston. Since I fly standby it is more likely we will get stuck there.

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I fly standby because my mum works for SkyWest so we get a standby privilege and we don’t pay for the luggage.

I think Air New Zealand flies AKL-LAX-LHR, from memory of when I was planning to go from Dublin to LAX this is probably one of the cheapest after research for April next year it would be around £700 if you book far enough in advance. Norweigan fly LAX to London Gatwick as it is a budget airline flying return during the winter months costs only £333 round trip if you book in advance (if you couldn’t already tell I worked part time at a travel agents once :) )

EDIT: also bear in mind when flying to the UK flying through Dublin can sometimes be a good idea due to the low airport taxes.

So I’m going to put it this way I’m either going to Belize or London next week and if we have that money then maybe next year we can do something like that but I fly standby with United so so technically I fly free but downside is that I have I can only fly if there’s seats left open. The London Flight for the date we are leaving looks good but with how horrible United is the last minute is going to be when people start booking. There are two flights that depart to London from here. And seems like you have worked with booking people’s flights. Thanks for that I may use that later if I can. But how much would the Norwegian one be for four people. And the Dublin idea is one I had in mind.

The tax on flights (APD) is only payable on outbound flight from the UK and is not payable for arrivals or where you are merely connecting through the UK from one country to another. Therefore APD is not payable whether you arrive in London, but is payable if you depart from London.

APD rates are £73 for economy and £146 for anything above economy for long haul flights.

APD is not payable if you start your journey in Jersey (not in the UK), or Inverness. Also APD isn’t payable if you depart from Dublin since Ireland is an entirely separate country and has a different tax regime.

You can avoid APD by arriving in London, but departing from JER, INV, or DUB. Obviously you need to but a separate ticket to get to any of those places to begin your return journey.

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So if I start from New Jersey I won’t pay the APD rate. But if I depart from LA I will have to pay the APD rates. Because, I will be arriving in London so the APD rates can be avoided.

Yes, but when you depart the UK you will pay APD - it is a departure tax rather than an arrival tax.

Whether you start from LA or NJ is irrelevant.

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