UI while being while being away during flight


I have an iPhone 6s on the latest iOS and my IF is always up-to-date, however I have an issue where if I am away during my flight for at least 30 mins, and get back on, my lower UI buttons don’t work because they wont respond when I push them. So I cant change my Camera, change to map, etc. The only way I can resolve this issue temporarily is if I force quit the app, but then I have to restart my flight again. If anyone has any solutions that would be great.

Hello there!
Your issue sort of seems like the app is freezing (correct me if i’m wrong), turn your graphic settings down and try to keep the view in scenic while you’re cruising to avoid screen burn. If that doesn’t work, I would recommend clearing your RAM and/or restarting your device.
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My flight still continues however it’s just the buttons don’t work. Thank you for the support and I will do those suggestions. Thanks!

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Yes, this can happen sometimes. But it is usually resolved by taking the steps that @Oli_H layed out.


You are absolutely welcome!

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